Count Yorga, Vampire (1970) watch online


Directed by:  Bob Kelljan
Actors:  Robert Quarry, Roger Perry and Michael Murphy
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire | Teufelsausrottung

Description: The film begins with a spiritual seance, held in the house of Donna. She tries to call the spirit of his dead mother, and in this she is helped by Count Iorga, refined aristocrat recently arrived from Bulgaria. The session ends with hysterica of Donna, who is taken to calm the Count using hypnosis. After that he leaves, and Eric and Paul bring her by car to the house. But bad luck on the way back to their car got stuck on the road. In the morning when they woke up, she felt clearly bad. Paul is Dr. James Hayes for advice, and he finds it strange wounds on the neck, and also notes a large loss of blood. The conclusion is clear – by Eric attacked a vampire. Eric disappears very soon, and now Dr. Hayes and his friend Michael must hurry, or Donna, Michael’s wife, risk sharing the fate of Eric …

Another Terrific Vampire Flick from the Sexy 70’s
Once again, as in Vampire Lovers, the traditionally based vampire legend comes back from the grave containing the permissive sexual standards of the times. The end result is Count Yorga, Vampire, a wonderfully fast-moving, edge of your seat scare ride that keeps you taunt until the shocking end. We first meet Count Yorga at a seance he holds for a group of friends, one of which has just lost her mother. During the seance, Count Yorga builds a strong bond between Donna, the grieving daughter, and himself. Everyone at the seance agrees that the Count is refined, well-mannered, and eloquent. We soon find out that Count Yorga is one of the most blood-thirsty and ruthless vampires we’ve seen on screen in years. He eliminates each of the friends one by one until it’s up to two remaining friends to become reluctant vampire hunters to save Donna from an existence of living death. Count Yorga Vampire was made on a very small budget. However, nothing was spared as far as creativity and skill. Robert Quarry makes your blood run cold as the modern day Count Dracula, and Roger Perry is driven and pretty funny as Dr. Hayes, the modern day Dr. Van Helsing. This genuinely frightening movie contains scenes that you won’t forget easily. There was a sequel called Return of Count Yorga, but after seeing this movie, you’ll wish for a remake of this one instead of a pretty mediocre sequel.

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