Cries of Ecstasy, Blows of Death (1973) Watch Online


Directed by: Antony Weber
Actors: Sandy Carey, Michael Abbott, John Martin
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Grida di estasi, Sesso Delirio

Description: In the year 2062, it’s a barren, post-apocalyptic hell on earth. Really. Pollution and man’s evilness have left the world an ugly inhabitable planet that looks like the desert with a big pipeline running through it. The remaining population lives in environmentally-controlled inflatable bio-domes. And they wear gas masks to protect themselves from the toxic atmosphere. All activities are controlled by the “World State.” So living in 2062 pretty much sucks… except that everybody seems to be getting laid as much as humanly possible!
After two nubile gals in golden caftans are attacked in the desert by a roving gang of military deserters on dirt bikes, some bad-ass guys in a tricked-out funny car chase them off, but unfortunately not before one of the hippie chick’s throat is slashed.

Back at the clear inflatable dome (minimally furnished with bean bag chairs, a chess set, and pop art), Dala (lovely starlet SANDI CAREY) and her gal-pal Kima (KIM LU) find solace in each other’s arms and nether regions. They also partake in an enthusiastic tongue bath on what looks to be yellow bubble wrap to the tinkling sounds of classical piano accompaniment.

Outside, the men, led by General Byron White (MICHAEL ABBOTT) protect their clear plastic sanctuary from the marauding bikers with cross-bows. Once the enemy is eliminated, Byron goes to check on his sexy, sad and lonely neighbor Hera (SHERRI MASON. He comforts her the best way he knows how, which of course is with his dick.
The men return home to Dala and Kima. They’ve learned that it’s only a matter of days before they all will die. Dala begs Byron to kill her before the end comes so that she won’t have to suffer. But instead of fretting about impending doom, all engage in some passionate soft-x lovemaking (except for John who’s left staring at the chess set.)
The inhumanity ensues. A new group of people emerge from yet another souped-up funny car, this time three young women (including Reina played by the delectable USCHI DIGART) and their leader, Able (STEVE BENNETT). They immediately prey upon Hera, ravage and then strangle her. However, deaf-mute kick-ass cutie Keisha (DIANNE BISHOP) runs away and gets into a kung-fu match with John, who she then befriends. In the desert, they watch a random black couple (who share a gas mask) get it on. Then eight more bad guys show up and it’s martial arts mayhem.
The domes start to deflate and all seems hopeless. Is this the end of mankind? More to the point, is this the end of sex?
Post-apocalyptic sci-fi smut has never been so violent or entertaining! From a last-day-on-earth 35mm print.

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