Criminally Insane (1975) watch online cult horror

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Directed by: Nick Millard
Actors:  Priscilla Alden, Michael Flood, Jane Lambert
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Criminally Insane, Satan’s Black Wedding

Description: Wow. Equal parts depressing, ludicrous, and liberating, Criminally Insane made my eyes bleed with joy. It’s like a playskool version of The Honeymoon Killers by way of Frederick Friedel’s Axe with just a hint of John Waters, filled with unlikable characters, scummy locations, and the thickest paint-gore this side of Sherwin Williams. The techniques on display in the same year’s Satan’s Black Wedding are multiplied ten times over. Edits rip through like hot scotch for the entire 61 minutes. The camera never sits completely still. Awkward slow motion and strange objects somehow become important. And how about those actors? So fake, they’re real; French New Wave meets Bill Kerwin for doughnuts and they hit it off splendidly. The grit is everywhere, from the racist comments to the dirty/clean sex scenes, which kick off with the romantic lines “You need a good beating once in awhile…all women do. You especially.” Basically, Criminally Insane is an impossibly great time, a paragon of trash entertainment. Now if Ethel would only share some of those ‘Nilla Wafers

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