Dark Mission: Evil Flowers (1988) watch online


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Directed by: Jesús Franco
Stars: Christopher Lee, Christopher Mitchum, Richard Harrison, Cristina Higueras, Alicia Moro, Brigitte Lahaie, Carmen Carrión, Antonio Mayans
Language: French
Country: France | Spain | Imdb Info

Also known as: Columbian Connection

Description: CIA agent Derrick Carpenter (Mitchum) heads to an unnamed Latin American country to take on big time drug dealer and former Castro buddy Luis Morel (Lee). Along the way, he unwittingly falls in love with Morel’s naive daughter (Cristina Higueras) and keeps running into the wife (Lahaie) of his recently killed partner. All this mixes to create a movie that isn’t too exciting.

Nothing says cult more than a film directed by Jess Franco starring Christopher Lee, Chris Mitchum, Brigette Lahaie and Richard Harrison. Only Jess Franco could mess up an all-star cast like that.

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