Death Spa (1989) watch online slasher


Directed by: Michael Fischa
Actors: William Bumiller, Brenda Bakke, Merritt Butrick
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Witch Bitch, Spa Diabólico, Perra bruja, Witch Bitch – Tod aus dem Jenseits

Description: As is known from love to hate one step . And what if a person dies, his soul does not find peace , returns to earth ghost, how many fold increase bile then rabid hatred for the beloved , surviving ? That’s actually this is the main core of the film .

Initially, the movie seems to average slasher . And no wonder – the first third of the full given under the direction of these things . It has only a two interesting clauses : the first – the scene purely spa, and the second – full owner of action is a mystical background . Thus, all the incremental killings made ​​in the original spirit of using sports equipment and a specific situation , such as red-hot sauna rooms or covered by wild poltergeist shower , of course, to the delight of the female half of the male audience. And with good swirling intrigue , where it is unclear what exactly is a catalyst for the mysterious accidents? Indeed, the suspicion turns to several bowls of scales having every reason to commit atrocities. First, the main character and owner spa recently became a widower since his wife committed an act of self-immolation , not being able to be in a wheelchair. This leads to the trivial suspicions about the safety of a healthy psyche of the character . Secondly, the deceased has a twin brother who computer wizard who created a special safety space , where each door, camera surveillance , treatment area – all works from the main terminal under its control. Brotherly revenge motive too great, so that the viewer entangled in conjectures . So also , thirdly, obviously occur mystical glimpses : you turn away a nut on the trampoline at the pool , the pipe burst which hot steam …

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