Delinquent School Girls (1975) watch online


Directed by: Gregory Coraito
Actors: Michael Pataki, Sharon Kelly, Brenda Miller, Bob Minor, Stephen Stucker, Colleen Brennan, George ‘Buck’ Flower
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Carnal Madness, Bad Girls, Schwer erziehbare Mädchen, Scrubbers 2, The Sizzlers

Description: Now here is an odd ball sleaze flick that could of only been made at a time when the Drive-in was king. Three criminally insane convicts that consist of a failed stand-up commedian/impersonator played by Michael Pataki (The voice of George Liquor on Ren & Stimpy), a flaming homosexual played by Stephen Stucker (the flaming air traffic controller in Airplane!), and a black rapist nicknamed “Big Dick” played by blaxploitation veteran Bob Miner (Coffy, J.D.’s Revenge, Foxy Brown) escape from the local institution, and end up attacking a school of large breasted 20-30 year olds pretending to be bad teens! The technique is gritty, the jokes are hit or miss, and the breast are enormous. There is a bunch of twisted stuff in this one. A dirty old man who hypnotizes young girls, so he can put live snakes on their crotch! A principal with a bondage/shoe fetish, big breasted mud wrestling, and miles of cleavage. The convicts start to grate on you after awhile, but the massive amounts of nudity is just plain fun! It’s all in lingering bad taste, and some of the best parts of this film take place when nothing related to the plot is happening. Examples are a naked mud covered girl who keeps crawling through the woods, a bottom of the pool view of D cups doing the breast stroke, and a dream sequence of naked D cups doing jumping jacks. This film tries hard to please it’s target audience, and for the most part succeeds. This is top notch stuff for the “so bad its good” crowd. The film also stars Sharon Kelly from Ilsa She Wolf of the SS, Slammer Girls, and Super Vixen.

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