Demon Keeper (1994) watch uncut


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Directed by: Joe Tornatore
Stars: Dirk Benedict, Edward Albert, Mike Lane, Andre Jacobs, Adrienne Pearce, Jennifer Steyn, Clare Marshall, Diane Nuttall, Elsa Martin, Katrina Maltby, Annette Harper
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: For Remy Grilland the world of the occult is nothing more than a way to swindle rich old ladies out of their money. A parlor trick. But when an expert of the supernatural comes to his seance, Remy feels obliged to summon a real spirit. In his ignorance, he brings forth a most vicious and evil demon. one known to spread misery by infiltrating the mind, playing on weakness, and leading its prey to murder. Now, locked in the house for the night, each person must find a way to evade the Demon’s powers. Only the light of day will bring mercy.

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