Demon of Paradise (1987) watch uncut


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Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago
Stars: Kathryn Witt, William Steis, Laura Banks, Frederick Bailey, Leslie Scarborough, Frederick Bailey
Language: English
Country: Philippines | Imdb Info

Description: After a spate of strange fishing accidents, Annie, (Kathryn Witt) Ike, (Frederick Bailey) and Sheriff Keefer, (William Steis) urge the locals off the waters, despite their refusal to do so and insisting a legendary creature is behind it all. Due to this, Cahill, (Laura Banks) decides the time is right to start up a tourist business to the place and using the legend to tie-in with the idea, which angers them all and causes them to threaten her due to the increasing number of creature attacks in the area. When they continue and finally force her to close down her tourism business, she decides to help in hunting down the creature, which they find is a carnivorous lizard-like creature that lives in the lake and has been disturbed from it’s rest by illegal hunting in the area, causing them all to band together to end the deadly rampage.

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