Desire Under the Palms (1968) watch online


Directed by: Joseph W. Sarno
Stars: Charlotte Brody, Orando Childs, Dana Cordier
Language: English
Country: Usa

DescriptionAs a sideline, a bored suburban wife writes articles for women’s magazines. When a friend shows her an explicit men’s magazine, she attempts to write erotic material. However, she finds that a lot more first-hand research is required, and her husband is more interested in checkers.

This later-period Sarno feature is a lot more explicit than his earlier, more significant work, and eschews the social commentary that made them so trenchant. Nonetheless, his artistry is on display to a high degree. The film is made quite mesmerizing through the Dreyer-like chiaroscuro photography, the playful jazz score and the dreamlike editing. The performances are enthusiastic and the premise a sly dig at Sarno’s own beginnings. The lead actress is quite striking and believable as an enthusiastic innocent. Not a major work, but perhaps his finest contribution to straightforward eroticism. Clever title, too.

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