Devil Hunter (1980) watch uncut Jess Franco


Directed by: Jesus Franco
Actors: Ursula Buchfellner, Al Cliver, Antonio Mayans, Antonio de Cabo
Language: English
Country: Spain | France | West Germany

Also known as: El caníbal, The Man Hunter, Sexo caníbal, Jungfrau unter Kannibalen

Description:After World War 2, Senior Japanese Officials and their followers were killed and buried together in China, after being defeated and forced to give in. The Japanese Evil People of Nine Chrysanthemum have sworn revenge and are secretly plotting against China after sealing the graves of the Officials. Before their conspiracy can come to an end, Chinese police Captain Li and Taoist master Mao Yuan Feng discover the conspiracy and kill some of the Japanese Evil People. The members who survived used then their blood to call them back from Hell and became Devil Masters. But before their Japanese Imperialist Agressive Ambition can succeed, Captain Li and Taoist Master Mao Yuan Feng kill them and defeat their plot of revenge for good.

The Devil Hunter was banned in England? OMG! What’s happening to the modern world here? This film were ‘taken in for questioning’ over their suggestive title and advertising (“this much fun couldn’t be legal”) respectively.
Watching the cannibals about to eat a pretty girl is a bit of an agony don’t you guys think? Well, our old-school Playmate Miss Ursula Fellner does know how to win a cannibal’s heart in order for her escape. Her body can make a blind man gets his sight back. But to bad she is not involved in the ‘open for all to see action’ type actress. Tons of beautiful actresses baring their tits, flesh, bushes and bodies throughout but I still feels dissatisfied with the sex action here. But bare breasts will do me fine anyway.

Animal lovers please do aware of the animal cruelty here. In the name of the art, they were allowed to film it here during those ancient days I presume.

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