Dirty Game in Casablanca (1985) watch online


Directed by:  Jesús Franco
Actors:  William Berger, Analía Ivars, Carlos Mendy
Language: Spanish (English Subtitle)
Country: Spain

Also known as: Juego sucio en Casablanca, Sale jeu à Casablanca, Dirty Game in Casablanca

Description: Dean, an unsuccessful American writer and married to a woman from a rich family, decides to end his life when his wife announces that she will divorce. As I lack the courage to kill himself, decides to give a large sum, won at poker, to that of his playmates who dares to kill him. Distribute the four aces in the deck, and received the ace of hearts will be chosen. Upon returning to his hotel, where his wife is coming to ask forgiveness and reconciliation. At this time, Dean will fight to regain the ace of hearts and save your life 

“Bestselling author Dean Baker is in deep crisis. Because of his chronic alcoholism, he parted from his wife, money was practically finished, and the publisher refuses to lend poor 2000$ to return from a long voyage to Morocco home. Casual acquaintance with a young woman Jill gives Dean a chance. It brings the writer to the owner of the underground casino of Pope Ulam, which allows him to play a game of “special poker”. As usual, at the table, Dean did not consider the drinking of whiskey, and the next morning found that the bet in a deadly game. Now there is$ 50,000 waiting for their master the Pope in the casket top, and the winner will be the one of the four players who remain alive and find the ACE of hearts marked by the Dean…”

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