Disconnected (1984) watch UNCUT


Actors: Frances Raines, Mark Walker, Carl Koch
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Telephone Killer

Description: The focus is on the twins, Alicia and Barbara (both played by Frances Raines) who become involved with the ominous Franklin (Mark Walker) and a series of murders. Alicia works at the local video store and has been getting odd phone calls after she broke up with her boyfriend. The police suspect that Franklin is involved in a series of gruesome murders

Both the (extremely) low budget production values and the bad acting helped to create a film that was reminiscent of giallo, which brought a sense of nostalgia to the table for me- however, Disconnected has characters that are the ‘every day’ american type, and this, alongside the graininess of the cheap film stock, makes the film seem much more like a 70’s film than an 80’s one. The more real violence contributes to the 70s feel- other than the acting, there is no cheese to be found here. The first 3/4 of this film were absolutely fantastic. A real sense of tension and a blend of realistic, sleazy subplot alongside a more surreal main plot made Disconnected an absolutely unique and interesting piece. After the subplot culminates however, the film falls off, and begins to wear out its welcome. Overall this film is actually really cool as long as you can stand the super low budget feel.

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