Don’t Deliver Us From Evil (1971) watch online


This film was firmly censored by French authorities , but it was allowed to be seen at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival.

Directed by: Joël Séria
Actors: Jeanne Goupil, Catherine Wagener, Bernard Dhéran, Gérard Darrieu
Language: French (English subs)
Country: France

Also known as: Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal, But don’t deliver us from Evil, E non liberarci dal male, Fräls oss icke från ondo

Description: Original unrelenting horror , with a rather peculiar story, is the first directorial work Joel Series in movies. And immediately on the face of a great ability to manage picture , correctly put each scene and bring to the screen is amazing episode by episode . Art makes a great statement of this kind of movie now sounding a work of art , with excessive share of provocation and attack on society.

Two friends in the upper boundaries of adolescence , abandoning the communion in the church, dedicating his life to the service of Satan and the forces of hell. The idea in itself is worthy of attention, let alone how good the implementation is better not to speak the words , and immediately see the video series. Obsession , lustful games, sadism , suicide , corruption and a whirlpool of horror flowing from the screen an unlimited stream in a large variety .

Until the end, is not lost sense of drama , amid the abundance demonstrated vices. The tragedy reaches its climax even in some symbolism , where a fire has a dual nature of its symbolism and almost contradictory trakotvku . On the one hand a symbol of purification , it serves a direct corridor to Hell , to Satan , to evil, to whom the film is dedicated in its essence.

Wonderful acting, and the ability to perfectly show yourself, decorate picture , adding flavor and great value. Notable got a lot of characters in one way or another, find themselves caught up in the evil revels main characters . And do they have demonstrated great talent and ability to show on the screen the confluence of the extremes to extremes , the sincerity of feelings and intense bouquet full of emotion, and of course I want to say thank you so much for erotic scenes , adorned visuals .

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