Dressage (1986) watch uncut


Directed by: Pierre B. Reinhard
Actors: Veronique Catanzaro, Patrick Guillemin, Marc Henry
Language: English
Country: France

Also known as: Éducation perverse; Erotic Playgirls; Dressage: La dolce punizione

Description: In this French sex comedy,  Baron Plessis du Regard  and Eliane talk at a decadent party in the 1930s. Eliane  reveals that she intends to seek revenge against her father, who abandoned her mother after getting her pregnant many years before.  The Baron  reveals that he, too, has a plan –  to end the career of an up-and-coming politician, Colonel Montvilliers, but will require the assistance of a beautiful woman, in order to do so.  Although several women at the party vie for the job, he selects Natalie.  The seductions will create such a scandal that the father and the Colonel will be ruined.   The Baron, Eliane and Natalie make a pact:  The Baron  will marry the woman who succeeds, making her a Baroness. The women than proceed to try to win the bet. Eliane gets a job in her father’s house educating  his seventeen-year old daughter, Sophie, in the ways of the world in order to corrupt her. Natalie  obtains a job at the Col. Montvilliers ‘s  house as a tutor for the his teenage son, whom she intends to seduce.  Both of them intend to create a scandal.

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