Dune Warriors (1991) watch online


Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago
Stars: David Carradine, Rick Hill, Luke Askew
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description: In a grim future water has become a precious rare commodity that’s horded by vicious warlords. Feisty Val (winningly played by foxy blonde Jillian McWhirter) rounds up a band of warriors led by Michael (an aging, but still viable David Carradine) to defend her village against the evil William (Luke Askew in fine nasty form) and his gang of bandits.

Filipino exploitation cinema specialist Cirio H. Santiago keeps the enjoyable, if derivative story moving along at a quick pace, makes nice use of both generous blood squibs and the desolate desert terrain, blows up lots of stuff real good, stages the rough’n’tumble action with aplomb, and tosses in a little tasty gratuitous female nudity for extra trashy measure.

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver’s compact script draws the various warriors with a reasonable amount of depth. The sincere acting by the sturdy cast rates as another big plus: Rick Hill as the rugged John, Blake Boyd as the cocky Jason, Maria Isabel Lopez as the fierce Miranda, Henry Strzalkowski as the traitorous Luis, Bon Vibar as the noble Emilio, Val Garay as slimy henchman Jason, and Joseph Zucchero as the cowardly Reynaldo.

The spirited score by Gary Earl and Odette Springer hits the stirring spot. Joe Batac’s competent cinematography boasts a few snazzy visual flourishes.

An entertaining little B-flick.

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