Escape from Blood Plantation (1983) watch uncut


Directed by: Kurt Raab
Actors: Udo Kier, Barbara Valentin, Carl Alberty, Tet Antiquiera, Karen Lopez, Hans Zander, Karina Fallenstein
Language: English
Country: West Germany | Philippines

Also known as: Insel der blutigen plantage, Island of Bloody Plantation, Prison Camp Girls, Jailed For Love

Description: This movie was directed by Kurt Raab, who also filmed Tenderness of the Wolves. On a little unknown island was set a special prison (maybe somethere near Thailnad) where cruel dictator created a plantation, where local women prisoners work for food, and leave like slaves. The prison is ruled by a sadist lesbian wasrden, who together with other guards torture and humiliate poorn innocent girls. Now prisoners are planning an escape from this horrable palce.

Blood Plantation is a prison hell, where poor innocent, and not really innocent girls are raped, tortured and humiliated. The whole prison is under control of one sadistic lesbian warden. You will find here one of the best lesbian rape scenes from all mainstream flicks.

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