Evil Senses aka Sensi (1986) watch online


Directed by: Gabriele Lavia
Actors: Monica Guerritore, Gabriele Lavia, Mimsy Farmer
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Evil Senses, Stripped to Die, Sensi

A contract killer named Manuel who occurs to be in control of some documents that incriminate some individuals large up within a secret organisation. Obviously, this organisation doesn’t wish this sort of thing becoming public understanding so they seek to kill him. He takes refuge at a brothel ran by Nicole; an ex-lover, but it isn’t until he happens across an intriguing prostitute named Victoria that he takes an interest in life…

Director/co-Writer Gabriele Lavia plays a hitman who has fallen out of favour with his bosses. They want him dead, and the only think keeping him alive is a list of names which they think lavia has in his possession, actually, he flushed it down the toilet. Bidding his time, Lavia hides out at a bordello, where he starts an affair with a mysterious women (Monica Guerritore).

Typical, cross and double-cross thriller, but is still fairly enjoyable. Not much in the way of gory violence on offer (when there is its effective) and don’t expect an erotic, titillater, as its far too tame for that.

All in all, a solid enough movie, with a strong ending that wont disappoint. Certainly makes me want to check out Lavia’s, “Scandalous Gilda” which I’ve read good things about.

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