Evils of the Night (1985) watch uncut


Year: 1985
Duration: 01:24:50
Directed by: Mardi Rustam
Actors: Aldo Ray, Neville Brand and Tina Louise
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Demon’s Night

Description: Several teenagers were abducted and placed in a hospital, in which three of the aliens are operating using the blood of the earth patients in prolonging their own lives. Starring Aldo Ray, who also played in Sweet Savage and Swift Justice

This uproariously bad sci-fi horror oddity plays like a contemporary form of a cheesy ’50s alien invasion flick, only not as clever. The filmmakers deserve some credit for throwing everything but the kitchen area sink into the plot (and perhaps also the sink’s in there somewhere), which involves the diabolical plans of three silver-suited aliens, played by — prepared with this? — John Carradine, Julie Newmar (TV’s Catwoman), and Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan’s Island), who employ a couple of drunken wrench jockeys (Neville Brand and Aldo Ray) to assist them abduct a lot of lame-brained teenage campers for usage in the manufacturing of a youth-restoring serum. This allows for endless riffing on the Friday the 13th situation, as over-sexed teenagers are stalked by ski-masked Brand and Ray.

My 10/10 rating of course only applies to the sorts of people who’ve decided that they like this movie even before they watch it (like me); for anyone else, this movie is a total zero. “Evils of the Night” has some aliens seeking human blood as the key to eternal life. And what luck! There’s a bunch of horny teenagers camping out near a lake! When I saw the box in Movie Madness, it mainly caught my eye due to the casting of Tina Louise; after all, what man wouldn’t want to be stranded on an island with Ginger Grant? Anyway, here she plays one of the aliens, and Julie “Catwoman” Newmar plays another. As for the horny teens, they’re the kind of characters who horny teens are supposed to be in horror flicks: the boys are a bunch of sex-starved goof-offs, and the girls all have giant breasts. Will your sex drive get going while watching “Evils of the Night”? Let me put it this way: aside from making one think about Ginger Grant, probably a quarter to a third of the movie shows people having sex. And those girls were hot! Hubba hubba…

Some people may think that these kinds of movies are completely worthless, but I must disagree. “Worthless” in my opinion means that it pretends to be important but doesn’t actually amount to anything. This movie doesn’t pretend to be anything but nice, silly fun. Cool.

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