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Directed by: Jean-François Davy
Stars: Claudine Beccarie, Benoît Archenoul, Noëlle Louvet, Michel Dauba, Ellen Earl
Language: French | Subtitles: English
Country: France | Imdb Info

Description: Interesting, fun documentary about porn star Sylvia Bourdon. It does not cover her film career, but rather focuses on her personality, lifestyle, and beliefs. She appears to be a total hedonist. Defines herself as a “sexual communist, but conservative with the purse strings.” And she’s very blunt and irreverent. At one point she laments that she can’t have anal sex because of her hemorrhoids, but she optimistically says she will have the doctors take care of them. “Knowing Sylvia is a surrealist experience,” says one of her friends.

Some of the more interesting scenes involve her playing with one of her consensual slaves. She degrades and whips him, all while one of her uptight sexually conservative friends is in the room. Her friend is very disturbed by the display, looking away at times and appearing to sob. Bourdon tries to explain that she and the man both enjoy the activity, but the uptight one is too horrified to understand.

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