Fando and Lis (1968) watch surreal cult movie


Directed by: Alejandro Jodorowsky
Actors: Sergio Kleiner, Diana Mariscal, María Teresa Rivas
Language: Spanish (English Subtitles)
Country: Mexico

Also known as: Fando y Lis (original title), Il paese incantato

Description: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (director of Alucarda, The Holy Mountain, and Santa Sangre) first full length movie about Fando and his paraplegic lover Lis searching for the enchanted city of Tar where spiritual ectasy supposedly resides. Based incredibly loosely on the memories Jodorowsky has of a Fernando Arrabal surrealist play. When first screened in Mexico the movie caused a riot in the theatre, causing the mob to pelt Alejandro with rocks as he tried to escape. A few subsequent showings in Mexico all produced fights and riots from the audience. This almost caused Jodorowsky to be deported by the Mexican government. The movie remains banned in Mexico to this day.

The young man Fando rolls the cart with his blonde beauty Lis, paralyzed from waist till down, in search of Tarde, hoping that she will be able to recover her health, and bear him many children. Sometimes he has to carry her on his own back. Along the way they meet the most incredible people. The road is long and its more like a bad dream …

Review: If you combine “Fando and Liz,” “Mole” and “Holy Mountain” in a trilogy called “New svyaschennopisanie from Hodo, the analogs of the Bible is very easy to hold. “Mole” will replace the gospel, “Holy Mountain” will be the distributor of the doctrine, and “Fando y Lis” in this case is most reminiscent of the Old Testament parable. Parable about the power of faith and the weakness of the spirit, of creation and destruction, of Fando and Lis.

The world survived the apocalypse. External and internal. All that remained only good about him, buried under the ruins. But somewhere far away there is a city that has suffered, in which people do not live happily, as well as desire. It was there that the young man Fando wheels a cart, which is located on his fiancee Liz, unable to feel the warmth of the earth leather heels. On the way to the Thar, they meet people generated by these apocalypses. And just where are joined together their spiritual and material components, and there are events of this film.

In order to create something, something must be destroyed. For the construction of the new world had to be the destruction of the old, low-quality. In the post-apocalyptic scenery and create something new. Create a new faith. Faith that perfect last. And for this faith blindly follow people because there is nothing more to do but to believe. Already in the dialogues of the holy city of Tarsus heard allusions to real life. “If Tara / God did not exist, then it should have been invented.” And Fando and Liz know that they are deadlocked, but not even the goal itself is important, but its achievement, pleasure, from the fact that soon in the near future, after a long and arduous search finally appear before the eyes that were looking so hard. This is not happiness faith? Is not that the main value of a person when there is nothing to come?

But no matter how sweet and desirable it may be waiting for a miracle if people constantly walking around in circles, then they gradually turn into circles of hell. This is what happened with Fando and Lis. Their gentle spirit could not bear painful waiting and killed them in the faith. Just at the moment when the dream was already prohibitively close to putting into practice and is ready to take the two weary travelers. They could create a paradise itself not only in their fantasies, but also the material world devastated disbelief, because the soil where people are buried, it is best suited for planting trees. Destroy and re-create. Everything is so simple, that is not feasible. And even illogical that all ends well, as always ends.

Welcome to Tar, Fando and Lis.

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