Fascism on a Thread- The Strange Story of Nazisploitation Cinema


Directed by: Naomi Holwill
Stars: Allan Bryce, Mario Caiano, Liliana Cavani, Malisa Longo, Bruno Mattei
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: That wants to know all the filmgenre there is… and its very well made film about the phenomenon called nazisploitation, or how sex and violence where used in all its form by the nazis in their fight to establish the ” 1000 year reich” , but most of all the s an m a and dominatrix techniques, a genre dominated by italians, french and canadians (not germans???) a genre known for its graphic sex and violence with a lowbrow factor, almost always edging the screens of the pornographic cinema theaters first, until eventually commercialised if successful.

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