Five Women for the Killer (1974) watch online


Directed by: Stelvio Massi
Stars: Francis Matthews, Pascale Rivault, Giorgio Albertazzi
Language: Italian | Subtitles: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: 5 donne per l’assassino

DescriptionThriller about a reporter who comes home from an overseas assignment to find his baby in the hospital and his wife dead. The baby isn’t his, the reporter learns from his doctor friend Lydia Franzi, as he is quite sterile. Reporter Giorgio and Lydia soon become lovers, and she narrowly escapes the brutal hands of the murderer (or murderers) who claims several other victims in shockingly violent fashion.

The legendary Italian genre filmmaker Stelvio Massi takes a rare foray into the heady, be-gloved milieu of the schlocky Giallo with ‘Five Women for The Killer’; and for my money it makes for a diverting piece, besides it’s somewhat curious seeing the urbane British character actor, Francis ‘Dracula’ Matthews in such luridly unfamiliar surroundings! The only other Giallo I am aware Massi shot was the much-loved ‘The Case of The Bloody Iris’ starring the delightful, yet curiously moniker-ed Edwige Fenech. Massi is generally known for his boisterous euro-crime efforts, but he is a more than capable director whose CV boasts some rather exemplary titles. It must also be noted that the sleazy premise is rather unsettling, and the initial murder is a rather grim affair, reminded me a tad of an equally unsavory Joe D’Amato effort

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