Fongaluli (1972) watch online


Directed by: Eduardo Cemano
Stars: Persephone Black, Emaye Callan, Georgina Spelvin, Helen Madigan, Susie Sunshine, Ultramax, Valerie Marron, Zona La Pointe, Alvino Bovari, Don Crosby, Eduardo Cemano, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens, Tony Reider, Wayne Levin
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description: Eccentric Professor Leviticus Wirtsus is obsessed with crossbreeding animals of different species. His research leads Wirtsus to discover a LSD-type substance called Fongaluli. The leaves of this substance cause Wirtsus’ beloved lobster Shirly to transform into a beautiful human female. However, unless Shirly has a steady supply of Fongaluli leaves she will revert back to being a lobster. Wirtsus goes to a remote tropical island to find more Fongaluli leaves. During his travels Wirtsus encounters a libidinous female giant, a merry family of incest practicing freaks, a helpful sailor, and a fearsome jungle witch.

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