Forbidden Sun (1989) watch online


Directed by: Zelda Barron
Actors: Lauren Hutton, Cliff De Young and Svetislav Goncic
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Bulldance

Description: Long ago, in a time when ancient Greeks were writing their Greek myths, in the legendary labyrinth on Crete lived Minotaur  – a man with a bull’s head, whom the locals used to sacrifice the most beautiful girls.

Today, on the same island come young American gymnasts to participate in training camp for responsible competition. They are beeing watched by the team conductress Mrs. Lake with her husband, a professor and coach Jack, a young dark-haired, handsome, and at night entertaining Mrs. Lake all known method. In the midst of a regular training a quite innocent girl kidnaps someone unknown and rapes Pola! Her fellow members rushed to find this villain. The contenders for the status of rapist is so few, that inevitably begin to suspect anyone …

I think what makes this movie magical is the idiocy of the plot itself: I challenge filmmakers everywhere to cross gymnastics with ancient Cretan culture, sprinkle it with a a pseudo-rape storyline and a teenage rock band and come up with a serious movie! I came across it on late night TV and literally could not stop watching it. It has a slightly insane vibe to it, with performances are abrupt and melodramatic and a finale so bizarre you’ll be left shaking your head. I also enjoyed the loving filming of the girls gym workouts, one of the only times in the film when the viewer is lulled into a state of equilibrium. An absolutely stupid, yet entertaining movie.

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