Forced Entry (1974) watch uncut (Remastered)

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Directed by: Shaun Costello
Stars: Laura Cannon, Harry Reems and Jutta David
Language:  English
Country:  Usa |  Imdb Info

Also known as:  Jeraldo Stuarti’s Forced Entry, Shaun Costello’s Forced Entry

Description: This is a fascinating porn/psycho-thriller hybrid compromised by the demands of its respective genre — in short, the sex scenes are so uninteresting and protracted that they distract from the premise. Still, it’s a trip well worth taking.

Harry Reems, a troubled Vietnam vet, works as a gas station attendant who stalks his customers after procuring their addresses. The film is broken down into three stalk and rape sequences; two end bloodily.

For porno fans, there isn’t much to like. For fans of on-screen terror, the second stalking sequence is the strongest. In the pivotal moment, Reems cuts and stabs the breasts and belly of a woman and gives her a long goodbye kiss as she expires. It’s starkly and realistically shot and has a dark erotic tension that echoes the stuff of lurid tabloid journalism. “I’ll show you bleeding,” Reems mutters as he rapes his victim prior to her demise.

In the final outrage, Reems breaks into the apartment of two bisexual drifters who are indifferent to his vile intentions and, as a result, rob him of his power. Reems, rendered impotent, takes his own life.

The film is experimental in tone and cut like a real movie as opposed to a porn flick. Highly effective Vietnam War newsreel footage is constantly intercut with the stalking and molesting sequences and combat sound effects are blended with great success into the mix.

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