Four Times that Night (1972) watch online


Directed by: Mario Bava
Stars: Daniela Giordano, Brett Halsey, Dick Randall
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Quante volte… quella notte

DescriptionJohn and Tina meet in a park one day. They immediately hit it off, go out on a date later that evening. The late that night, Tina’s returns to her apartment with her expensive new dress badly torn apart, and John’s forehead bosts some suspicous scratches. Three different people, John, Tina, and a doorman, give three seperate and different perspectives on what happened that night before the truth is revealed.

Dashing playboy John Price (handsome Brett Halsey) meets sweet virgin Tina Brandt (ravishing brunette knockout Daniela Giordano, who was Miss Italy 1966) in a park. The two strike up an immediate rapport and go on a date which goes disastrously wrong. Depending on the person relating the incident, the date went down like this:
1) amorous cad Price attempted to rape the innocent Tina,
2) shameless and insatiable nymphomaniac slut Tina aggressively came on to the hapless John, or
3) Tina was seduced by predatory lesbian Esmeralda (a memorably spiky Pascale Petit).

Director Mario Bava relates the amusing story at a constant quick pace and expertly maintains a playfully light and bouncy good-natured tone throughout. Antonio Rinaldi’s crisp, polished cinematography fills the screen with lots of rich, vibrant colors while Cariolano Gori’s frothy, groovy score totally hits the swinging spot. Moreover, this amiably silly and innocuous fluff further benefits from charming performances from attractive and personable leads Halsey and Giordano. Co-producer Dick Randall is a real hoot as the sleazy voyeur doorman. The delectable Brigitte Skay, the ill-fated skinny-dipper in “Bay of Blood,” has a sexy bit as naive bimbo Mumu. Bava even manages amidst all the delightfully inane tomfoolery to make a relevant point about how individual perspectives radically vary from person to person. A cute little romp.

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