Fuego (1969) watch uncut


Directed by: Armando Bo
Stars: Isabel Sarli, Armando Bo, Alba Múgica
Language: English
Country: Argentina

DescriptionA nymphomaniac can’t get satisfaction from any single man or woman.
Laura is a bisexual nymphomaniac who often carries on with her housekeeper Andrea. When Carlos sees her bathing nude one day, he falls in love with the vivacious vixen. She willingly gives in to his amorous advances, warning him she may never be able to be faithful to just one person. The two are married, but she continues to select a series of lovers to cure her insatiable desire for sex. The repair man is her first conquest, then she takes to the street for more willing lovers. They fly to see a New York psychiatrist to cure her affliction, but only advancing age may finally cure her need for physical love. She picks up more lovers on Broadway and considers suicide as the only way out in this exploitation feature punctuated by graphic nudity.

FUEGO’s director Armando Bo has been called Argentina’s answer to Russ Meyer, and the stunning (and, yes, well-endowed) star of FUEGO,Isabel Sarli, would not at all be out of place in a Meyer film. One is even tempted to describe FUEGO as a South American version of Meyer’s VIXEN, in that both films depict the exploits (or sexploits) of an insatible, irrestible woman. On the down side, Bo lacks Meyer’s flair for disorientating camera angles and rapid-fire editing, but nonetheless, FUEGO features enough inventive camera work and (of course)gratuitous nudity to keep the viewer alert, and contains moments that are erotic and disturbing — often at the same time! Overall, by no means a masterpiece, but a provocative and even compelling step above most so-called “nudie-films.”

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