Fyre (1979) watch online


Directed by: Richard Grand
Stars: Allen Garfield, Lynn Theel, Frank Sivero
Language: English
Country: Usa

Description: After an innocent country girl is violently raped, her family is killed in a car accident before she can come to terms with what happened. As her feelings of shame grow into self-degradation, and she turns to prostitution.

This is the bizarre tale of a small-town virgin (Linda Theel)who gets gang-raped while on a date AND loses her entire family in a tragic car accident soon after. “Eight years later” according to the titles (why it has to be eight years later, I don’t know), she’s become a prostitute in big, bad LA, where she’s menaced by both brutal pimps and greedy madams, and gets hooked up with a hot-headed, violence-prone boyfriend (Tom Baker).

I like to dig up obscure movies from the 70’s. Sometimes I find a lost gem, but a lot of times I find a fossilized turd (although even these at least don’t smell as bad as some of the freshly-laid turds you might find watching newly released movies). This is definitely a fossilized turd, but it’s kind of fascinating nevertheless. I always wonder how films like this, so far out of the accepted cinematic universe, manage to ever get made at all.

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