Ganja & Hess (1973) watch online


Directed by: Bill Gunn
Actors: Duane Jones, Marlene Clark, Bill Gunn
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Black Vampire, Blackout: The Moment of Terror, Vampires of Harlem

Description: This movie is so odd, and fucked up, and totally not what I expected. More Blaxploitation then horror really, and the blaxploitation elements themselves are more reminiscent of Sweet Sweetback (minus the comedy) then say, the Samuel Z. Arkoff brand of blaxploitation…Def. a bit of a mind-fuck…strangely edited and at times you don’t know at first what is a dream and what is really happening. At first I didn’t think I was going to like this film, and then I suddenly found myself getting sucked in by it….

Dr. Hess green, an archaeologist leading the excavation of an ancient civilization Myrtia. Suddenly he is attacked by his assistant and kills with a dagger, and then commits suicide. After a while Dr. Hess wakes up and discovers that his wound has healed, and he has a terrible thirst for blood. He realizes that the dagger he was stabbed to death, bore the germs of the ancients, which turned him into a vampire. Dr. Hess returned home and found his wife committed suicide assistant named Ganja. The woman does not know the circumstances of the disappearance of her husband and awaits his return. However, she soon falls in love with Dr. Hess and marries him. But when she learns how her husband died and who is this Dr. Hess, she realizes that this discovery may cost her her life…

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