Ghost Story for Christmas : Stigma (1977) watch online


Directed by: Lawrence Gordon Clark
Stars: Kate Binchy, Peter Bowles, Maxine Gordon
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: Ghost Story for Christmas: Stigma

Description: A family moves into a cottage in the countryside. The cottage is situated near an ancient megalithic stone circle, and one of the stones which the family arrange to have moved is in the garden of the cottage. However, as two workmen attempt to lift a large, heavy stone from their garden, an ancient curse is unleashed which causes the mother to bleed uncontrollably, despite having no wounds. Once the stone is finally moved, a skeleton is found buried there. The implication is that the mother’s body is re-enacting the ritual execution of a witch who was buried under the stone centuries earlier.

Between the 60s and 70s it was fashionable to adapt the best of the horror and ghost writers to TV, something to get your teeth into during the festive season. like The Ferryman, it depicts a couple in modern-day society living in a seemingly normal, everyday setting. from their rural, and very isolated, cottage home they hire a labour force to excavate and remove one of a number of lay stones from their garden. Buried beneath they discover some iron age burial site, containing a body and knives. soon strange things begin to affect their lives. Is it a haunting or just imagination running riot? This one scared the pants off of me as a kid, as the Ferryman and the Signalman had, and all those M R James’ stories by the BBC did.

I found that most of the series from that era has been unavailable in commercial form, this one, could only be viewed by a version containing a time lapse coded transmission. But have recently discovered a cleaned up version on the ghost stories for Christmas boxed set by BFI. No matter how old they are there’s no comparison with current TV and film which lend heavily from these marvellous classics. Stigma keeps the mystery going throughout and keeps you cuddling up on the sofa, biting the snuggle blanket or your partner’s shoulder with the suspense. I particularly like the female home owner when a patch of her skin haemorrhages slowly through the tiny pores like sweat. And she goes through the episode looking like an ashen faced zombie for the duration. worth a watch.

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