Good Morning and Goodbye! (1967) watch online

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Directed by: Russ Meyer
Stars: Alaina Capri, Stuart Lancaster, Patrick Wright
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: The Lust Seekers, Confessions of a Sexy Supervixen

Description: Tales of eleven losers are told and interwoven. Burt can’t satisfy Angel, so she seeks the arms of another man, who is caught by Angel in the arms of another woman. Angel ends up with Justin, who ends up with a co-worker’s wife. As Angel and Burt argue, a sorceress watches, and eventually seduces Burt while Angel gets to know Ray, who had previously chased a blonde girl down on the coast. You get the idea.

I like GOOD MORNING…AND GOODBYE! Yes, the whole thing is silly. The soapy elements are annoying but visually this movie rocks. Just look at the beginning of the movie, with the credits on the mailboxes. Fun and original. Even though I didn’t care much about plight of the old man (impotence), I thought the whole visual juxtaposition of the horny construction worker (who sleeps with every women in town) against the rich old man who can’t satisfy his own wife worked in a wicked way, certainly when this culminates in a bloody fist fight between the old man and the beefy construction worker at the end of the movie. Yep, sex and violence. And then there’s Haji, who plays the earthy sorceress who helps the old man regain his mojo. She’s the film’s most beautiful woman, imo. It’s obvious Haji had a lot of fun doing this picture.

The film is dated on several levels. But the almost minimalist approach to the filmmaking (and the sometimes stunning photography) gives the movie a sorta timeless feel to it, which counters the really dated aspects. All in all, a pretty good Russ Meyer flick.

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