The Gore Gore Girls (1972) watch online


Directed by:  Herschell Gordon Lewis
Actors:  Frank Kress, Amy Farrell, Hedda Lubin, Henny Youngman
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Blood Orgy,

Description: A mystery maniac has targeted the performers at a strip club owned by one Marzdone Mobilie. His go-go girls suffer unspeakable fates without warning, and it’s up to private detective Abraham Gentry (Frank Kress) and reporter Nancy Weston (Amy Farrell) to save the day (and the lives of the few remaining dancers). And that’s pretty much it for the story. The emphasis is on the director’s inventive trademark murders, this time carried out not only in graphic detail, but with the sickest humor imaginable. Tenderizing mallets, boiling french fries, and a household iron are all brought into play, while the infamous “chocolate milk” sequence remains indescribable outside of well-seasoned company

Infamous exploitation icon Herschell Gordon Lewis wrapped up his lengthy foray into low-budget gore epics with this coda, which not only sports Lewis’ most creative title, but revels in an amazing barrage of outrageous (and patently fake-looking) makeup effects. The nominal plot involves a masked psychopath stalking, torturing, and murdering the strippers at a Miami nightclub owned by standup veteran Henny Youngman. But enough of that — it’s merely a loose linking device for a multitude of sleazy murder scenes, all of which involve some kind of sick visual gag.


div class=”meta-label subtle”>The murders range from simple throat-slashings to the popping of eyeballs to the protracted french-frying of one poor girl’s head. Essentially a retread of Blood Feast (and perhaps an attempt to outdo some), this flick was re-released later under the title Blood Orgy.

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