Haunted (1977) watch online


Directed by: Michael A. DeGaetano
Actors: Aldo Ray, Virginia Mayo, Ann Michelle, Jim Negele, Brad Rearden, Fred Carroll and June Ely
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Haus der lebenden Toten, Schrei aus dem Jenseits, The Glass Cage, The Haunted

Description: Innocent young nubile Indian maiden Abanaki (gorgeously embodied by buxom brunette looker (Anne Michelle) gets falsely accused of witchcraft and is sent out to the dessert to die in the unsparingly harsh Arizona heat. She vows to exact revenge on the relatives and descendants of those responsible for her death in a hundred years. When enticing British gal Jennifer Baines (also played by Michelle) rolls into town, irascible caretaker Andrew (ferociously essayed with growly conviction and hyper-aggressive intensity by the ever-manic Aldo Ray) naturally suspects the lass of being a lethal reincarnation of Abanaki.

Writer/director Michael A. DeGaetnano relates the spooky story at a steady pace, makes effectively bleak use of the drab and arid ghost town location, creates and sustains a nicely eerie mood, and delivers a sizable smattering of tasty female nudity (ladies will be happy to know that Aldo removes his shirt and shows off his hot’n’hairy chunky physique in a disgustingly sweaty sex scene). Ray’s frenzied eyeball-rolling histrionics provide the key source of energy and entertainment throughout. Moreover, there’s solid work from Virginia Mayo as batty old blind lady Michelle, Jim Negele as the likable Patrick, and Brad Reardon as the nerdy Russell.

In addition, there’s an extremely brutal and intense full body burn gag at the very end that’s sure to make you gasp. William E. Hines’ stark cinematography gives the picture an appropriately gloomy look. Lor Crane’s shivery score does the shuddery ooga-booga trick. The funky theme song “Indian Woman” sung by Billy Vera hits the right-on groovy spot, too.
An entertaining little drive-in fright flick.

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