Hellhole Women (1981) watch online


Directed by: Jesus Franco
Actors: Ursula Buchfellner, Ajita Wilson, Antonio Mayans
Language: English
Country: Spain | West Germany

Also known as: Prisoners of the Flesh, Hellhole Women, L’enfer du plaisir, To stratopedo me tis ekfyles, Sadomania 1981
Description: “Somewhere in South America carefree newlyweds zarulivaem the territory of the women’s prison Sadomania, which directs black sadist Magda. Husband kicked off, and his wife thrown into the camera …”

“Newlyweds Olga and Michael travel by car through the desert. Suddenly, they are surrounded by half-naked girls with guns and taken to a sadistic women’s camp, which runs the black matron Magda. In the next few weeks, Olga will not only lesbian flirting, humiliation and torture, but also entertainment by Governor Mendoza – impotent, which supplies its Magda girls. Michael decides to get into the camp, and release Olga …”

Filmmaker Jesús Franco (Love Camp and 99 Women), director of such low-budget exploitation clicks as Vampyros Lesbos and Killer Barbis against. Dracula, helmed this 1981 movie of women-in-prison X-rated. The plot concerns a pair of newlyweds who kidnapped while driving through Spain and taken to a prison run by sadistic lesbian boss Ertado Magda, played by transsexual porn actress Ajita Wilson. Once in the grip of Ertado, the couple – a witness to rape, bestiality, sadomasochism, and sexual slavery as nimfomaniakalny chief tries to quell her insatiable thirst for lust. Banned in the UK, Sadomania also stars former Playboy Buddy Ursula Buchfellner. ~ Matthew Tobey
In prison camp, where the female prisoners and the guards are walking around with bare torsos, managing director and his wife are looking for the servants. They love the game, “Run, and then you get shot.” So the servants in their family do not stay long. At this time, a married couple, Olga and Michael, stop near the prison. Suddenly a woman being captured, and Michael tries unsuccessfully to free her …
Transsexual Ajita Wilson, who died in 1987 from a brain injury in a car accident. She starred in numerous pornographic films “Black Deep Throat” (1976), “Black Aphrodite” (1977), “Erotic Fantasies” (1978), “Escape from Hell” (1979), “Hell Behind Bars” (1983). A lot of sex and lesbianism, but not enough, so that the picture was related to pornography. A lot of violence and blood, but still not enough, the film was classified in the horror genre. The film Sadomania was banned in the UK.

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