I Drink Your Blood (1970) watch uncut


Directed by: David E. Durston
Actors: Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, Jadin Wong,  Rhonda Fultz, George Patterson
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Blood Suckers, State Farm, Die Satansbande, Phobia, La rabbia dei morti viventi

Description: In the city arrived a gang of hippie-satanists and begin to terrorize the population. After this gang raped a local girl, her family decided to take revenge, by feeding bandits with cakes, flavored with blood of a mad dog. Needless to say that after such a feast thugs became even more dangerous.

I DRINK YOUR BLOOD is yet another film that I revisited after not having seen it in many years, and let me tell ya friends – this is what classic grindhouse cinema is all about. This is fun, trashy, sleazy, gritty, gory, exploitation goodness – and I love this sort of thing…

A group of Satanic hippies invade a small town where they rape a local girl. Her grandfather goes to find the punks to get revenge, but they end up dosing him with LSD instead! To avenge his sister and grandpa, a young boy injects rabies into some meat pies to give to the hippies!! The hippies eat the meat pies and become zombie-like cannibals and begin terrorizing the town!!!

Yeah – that’s the real story – and it’s GREAT. For the 1970 time-stamp, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD was pretty ahead of it’s time. The gore, though cheezy, is pretty heavy in this one, the performances are quite decent for this type of film, and the camera-work is solid and effective. Also of note is the very PC and multi-cultural cast as far as the group of hippies is concerned – don’t know if this was done purposely for any real reason, or if it just happened that way but I found it interesting. If you dig fun, sleazy exploit films – this one is definitely a safe and entertaining bet…

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