Island of 1000 Delights (1978) watch online


Directed by: Hubert Frank
Actors: Olivia Pascal, Philippe Garnier and Elisa Servier
Country: West Germany | France

Also known as: Die Insel der tausend Freuden, Sex Fever, Sex Slaves, Triangle of Venus, L’île aux mille plaisirs

SAVAGE INMATES (78) aka Island of 1,000 Delights; Sex Slaves; Triangle of Venus; Insel der Tausend Freuden. More trashy thrills from German sexploitation icon Hubert Frank as fetching frauleins are kidnapped and pressed into service in the worldwide slave trade. See Olivia Pascal (known for Bloody Moon and Vanessa) have her nipples and crotch menaced with a red hot light bulb! Watch in horror as a mustached native girl is forced into servicing herself with a lit candle! Squeal with delight as a sultry stripper performs the little-seen “Banana Dance”!

The film contains lots of elements of exploitation cinema: girls are abducted and traded, some dodgy gambling is going on, a bit of rape and torture is thrown in for good measure, some exotic locations complete with bare-bosomed natives – the list goes on

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