Killer Barbys (1996) watch uncut Jess Franco

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Directed by: Jesus Franco
Actors: Santiago Segura, Mariangela Giordano and Aldo Sambrell
Language: English
Country: Spain

Also known as: Vampire Killer Barbys, The Killer Barbies

Description: While driving on tour late night through a lonely road in the countryside of Spain, the van of the punk band “Killer Barbys” has an accident and breaks down. A creepy old man invites the group to spend the night in the castle of Countess Von Fledermaus and presents himself as her secretary Arkan. Arkan explains that the mechanic is located 62 km far from the location and he tells that the Countess loves youths. Flavia, Rafa and Mario accept the invitation but Billy and Sharon stay shagging in the van. When the musicians meet the Countess, they find that she is the ancient artist Olga Luchan and they question how she could keep so young. But sooner they discover that the Countess needs blood of young people to keep her beauty.

Review:  Killer Barbys (1996) was a vanity piece disguised as an old creepy horror film used to promote the Spanish punk-pop band THE KILLER BARBIES. The band is fronted by the hot Silvia Superstar. A lot of the band’s music is played during the movie. Two of the actually band members appear in the film (Silvia Superstar and her boyfriend co-founder/Drummer Billy King). Jesus Franco creates a creepy old school horror film around the band.

The band is cruising the back roads of Spain heading towards another gig. But the band never makes it to the other town before nightfall. Their van has broken down and they need to find a place that has a telephone. Three of the band members leave the broken down vehicle to look for help. What luck the band has. They come across an old castle. Inside they find an elderly gentleman who offers them a place for the night will he calls a tow truck. Silvia has her suspicions about the place and the people that dwell within it. The countess (the owner of the castle) wants them to stay for dinner. Will Silvia and her band mates take the middle aged woman’s offer. How will the two band members who stayed behind fare? Why was the elderly host acting peculiar? To find out you’ ll just have to watch KILLER BARBYS!!

A fun film that doesn’t try to be something it’s not. If you’re into vanity projects or some old school horror then you’ll want to watch KILLER BARBYS. Silvia Superstar is hot and I hope you’ll agree with me fellas! En espanol with English sub-titles.

Highly recommended.

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