Killer Is Still Among Us (1986) watch online


Directed by: Camillo Teti
Actors: Mariangela D’Abbraccio, Giovanni Visentin, Riccardo Parisio Perrotti
Language: Italian – Subtitles: English

Also known as: The Killer Is Still Among Us, The Killer Has Returned, L’assassino è ancora tra noi

Description:  Have you ever asked yourself if the people closest to you are what they seem? No one knows for sure what really goes on deep inside someone else. People you know and love could be hiding some terrible secret. They may appear on the surface to be the most normal, law-abiding citizens.this film so filled with suspense that is created an atmosphere in which everyone becomes a suspect, neighbor, friend, husband or lover.

Truly disturbing and sickening giallo.

Along with “Giallo a Venezia“(1979,Mario Landi) and “The New York Ripper“(1982,Lucio Fulci) this is possibly the nastiest Italian giallo ever made.
It is based on the still unsolved series of murders in Florence and that lack of closure makes its over-the-top sexual violence all the more unsettling. A criminology student named Christina Marelli decides to write her thesis about a mysterious serial killer terrorizing couples in lover’s lane. As she starts searching around she gets obscene phone calls. Is the killer her boyfriend Alex or maybe someone else?
This forgotten Italian giallo is truly shocking. The scenes of sexual violence and mutilations are extremely well-done (brilliant special effects by Roberto Pace) and disturbing. A young couple is murdered in a tent. The boy has his throat cut open, while the girl is shot several times. The killer then slowly slices off her right nipple and cuts apart her vagina in close-up. This sequence is so graphic and sick that I almost threw up during it. The film is also suspenseful and bizarre in some scenes (check out the Devil’s Bar moments).”The Killer Is Still Among Us” is certainly not for everybody, but if you like extreme cinema give this one a look. Highly recommended.

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