Killing of the Flesh (1983) watch online


Directed by: Cesare Canevari
Actors: Marc Porel, Sonia Otero, Fulvio Ricciardi
Language: Italian (English Subtitles)
Country: Italy

Also known as: Killing of the Flesh, Sensual Murder

Description: Delitto Carnale is one of my favorite gialli, although it probably isn’t even successful from the perspective of giallo filone. Nor is it a standard giallo or a straightforward thriller. Rather, it’s more an atmospheric piece. The film has a sense of decadence and sadness, which fascinates me. In particular, the lesbian scene was done with a sense of tragic crescendo. Martine, the beautiful protagonist w/ her emotionless face, has an impressive presence here. She has a past, and her dialogue often sounds like monologue.
A group of people come to attend an old man’s funeral. For some of them, it’s their funeral too and they act as if they know it…

“After the death in a car crash of a wealthy businessman numerous members of his family are going to belonged to the deceased the hotel to resolve the issue of inheritance. Slowly but surely a debate between them, which all begin to suspect each other that the unexpected death of the head of family could not be accidental. When the controversy reached its climax, the murder of one of the heiresses. And this mysterious perpetrator does not stop. Survivors are horrified to look at each other, suspecting each of the guests of the killer. And more and more everyone is concerned with one question — what kind of attitude has unknown actress traveling circus invited to a family reunion with several of its members?”

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