La Belle Noiseuse : Divertimento (1991) watch uncut


Directed by:Jacques Rivette
Actors: Michel Piccoli, Jane Birkin and Emmanuelle Béart
Language: French | English Subtitles
Country: France | Switzerland

Also known as:A Bela Impertinente, A Bela Intrigante, szép bajkeverő, Den sköna satmaran, Den skønne strigle, Die schöne Querulantin, I oraia kavgatzou, La bella latosa, La bella mentirosa, La bella scontrosa, La belle noiseuse – tuntematon mestariteos, Piekna zlosnica

Description: Drama about complicated relationships of artists and models. Known in the past painter Frenhofer lives alone in a small village in southern France. Him comes to visit  a young fellow with a young artist friend Marianne. Seeing the girl Frenhofer decides to finish the painting “La Belle Noiseuse”, the work on which he began to make many years ago and gave up. Return to creativity and participation in Marianna as a model completely changes the relationship in this love triangle.

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