Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986) watch online


Directed by: Ray Dennis Steckler
Stars: Pierre Agostino, Ron Jason, Chris Cave
Language: English
Country: Usa

Also known as: The Hollywood Strangler in Las Vegas

Description: Pierre Agostino gets out of prison on a technicality (“We never found the bodies so he must have been lying.”) and walks around Las Vegas for 90 minutes. Occasionally he stops to ogle a woman dancing before strangling random women while “Die! Garbage! Die!” is dubbed onto the soundtrack. Interspersed between the killings are the exploits of two small time hoods who randomly rob people. They seem to always show up where Agostino is whether it be a bar or a pizza parlor adorned with Steckler movie posters (yeah right!). That is all that happens in the film until the two robbers run into our titular killer again and shoot him.

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