Last Cannibal World (1977) watch UNCUT


Directed by: Ruggero Deodato
Actors: Massimo Foschi, Me Me Lai, Ivan Rassimov
Language: English

Also known as: Ultimo mondo cannibale,Le dernier monde cannibale,Fases da Morte 8 – O Último Mundo dos Canibais,Mundo Canibal,O Último Mundo dos Canibais,Le dernier survivant,El último mundo del cannibal,Jordens sidste kannibaler,Mundo cannibal,Mundo caníbal, mundo salvaje,Kannibaalit,Viimeiset kannibaalit,Horror Cannibal,Le dernier monde cannibale,Cannibal,Cannibals,Fate tous zontanous No 2,O teleftaios kosmos ton kannivalon,Oi teleftaioi kannivaloi,Az utolsó kannibál világ,The Cannibals – L’Ultimo Mondo Cannibale,Last Cannibal World,El último mundo de los caníbales,Mondo cannabale 2,O Último Mundo Canibal,De sista kannibalerna,Carnivorous,Jungle Holocaust,The Last Survivor,Mondo Cannibale 2 – Der Vogelmensch,Last Cannibal World

Description: Robert Harper believed himself to be quite a successful man, while his aircraft crashed in the skies over New Guinea.

Now he’s all alone, without friends and livelihood on the mysterious and terrible island, where many thousands of years nothing has changed. Here worship death…

African jungle are still imperfectly known to modern man territory, fraught with uncertainty. and with it the danger. Once there, civilized man may forever be changed. It had to feel Robert Harper, the plane which crashed in the jungles of New Guinea. Survival became paramount, but he was not ready for the nightmare that he was given the African jungle…

I recommend this classic adventure horror to all fans of horror movies and trash, especially Italian.

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