Les Pornocrates (1976) watch online


Directed by:
 Jean-François Davy
Actors: Richard Allan, Benoît Archenoul, Frédérique Barral
Language: French (English Subs)
Country: France | Imdb Info

Also known as: Claudine Beccarie e il mondo proibito de les pornocrates, Plainte contre X, The Porno Kings

Description: This is a documentary on the 70’s French porn industry that I was fortunate enough to see with English subtitles (and it actually does matter here). There are generally two kinds of porn documentaries–those that actually take an insightful look behind the scenes, and those that are just an excuse to show a lot of nudity and XXX porn footage. This is actually somewhere in between. It’s generously seasoned with porn footage, but there are also a lot of (fully-clothed) interviews, and they even talk to the owners of porn theaters, some typical porn customers (including some pre-adolescent boys who are walking by the the theater–I wonder what their parents thought of that?), as well as a guy who makes promotional billboards for porn movies although he claims never to have seen one!

Of course, they also talk to porn directors and (usually naked) porn performers. The most interesting are the males who all cheerfully admit to bisexuality and demonstrate how they can “get it up” on camera with or without female help. Like many of their 70’s male counterparts in America, the males actors actually have some talent BEYOND porn. One Italian actor comes in singing an operetta, sits down for a long, cheerful interview, arouses himself for the camera, calls a female co-star to finish him off (he might have faked that part), and then does a dance with her afterwards–impressive!

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