Like It Is (1968) watch Hippies Documentary


Directed by: William Rotsler
Actors: Candee Earle, Adele Rein, Michelle Angelo
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Psychedelic Fever

Description : Allegedly a documentary on hippies. Really just an excuse to show a bunch of naked girls. There are no on-camera interviews, just a bunch of hippie rambling narration while different footage of hippies is shown. Much of the time there isn’t even any narration, they just make their own psychedelic videos with nude dancing girls and video effects, all with a soundtrack of either psychedelic rock or some mixture of music such as free jazz and tribal drumming. Fortunately for us, the girls are not like the modern hippies who feel the need to have dreads, grow out all their body hair, and avoid soap like the plague. These psychedelic interludes last quite a while and are easily the highlights of the film. We even see one bathe. I was shocked, who knew they did that? Sure, these girls have bush but they’re not out of control and everything else is smooth. They’re far more attractive than I expected. While it’s not 100% nudity, that is the majority of the film. I tried to capture the essence of the film in the screen caps but you really need to see them in motion.

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