Lila : Mantis In Lace (1968) watch uncut


Directed by: William Rotsler
Actors: Susan Stewart, Steve Vincent, James Brand
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Lila: Mantis in Lace | Mantis in Lace | Laila – Vampir der Lust (West Germany)

Description: A gogo dancer takes one of the bar costumers back to her studio for a one night stand. But he introduces her to the pleasures of LSD and everything spirals out of control as she has a bad trip and ends up murdering him in a most atrocious way. The trouble is she has no recollection of this and so, the next night, she takes another man back with her.

But she has gotten a taste for acid and now she is not capable of stopping slaughtering men! Starring Steve Vincent, who also played in Brand Of Shame film.

Exploitation classic about a go-go dancer (Susan Stewart, who can’t act for shit, but looks great doing it) on LSD who hacks up her lovers with a meat cleaver

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Alternate Murder Sequence

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