Little Girls Blue (1978) watch uncut


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Directed by: Maria Lease
Stars: Casey Winters, Samantha Morgan, Elaine Wells, Lori Blue, Ken Scudder, Paul Thomas, Nancy Hoffman, Kristine Heller, Debbie Sloan, Sarah Butterfield, Barbara Burk, Kathy Graves
Language: English
Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Also known as: Mama Don’t Preach

Description: Two young girls at the Townsend School for Girls, a private high school, plot to escape for the evening with their dates, shunning their younger friend Buffy because she’s still too young and “still a virgin. Buffy decides to prove herself by seducing her history teacher in exchange for an A+. Meanwhile, Coach Fowler fantasizes about his student Miriam, the two of them making love in all-white environs. The two older girls escape with their dates and have a fine time in the woods, though one gets a surprise at an old cabin when her date has brought along a friend. The next day, they plot to seduce Coach Fowler in the guise of Miriam in a darkened room, and the girl who took advantage of him leaves the poor man dazed and confused…

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