Little Mother (1973) watch online


Directed by: Radley Metzger
Actors: Siegfried Rauch, Christiane Krüger, Ivan Desny
Language: English
Country: West Germany , USA , Yugoslavia
Also known as: Mother, Blood Queen, Woman of the Year, Sie nannten ihn kleine Mutter

Encouraged by the life of Eva Peron as well as known as LITTLE MOTHER. Marina Pinares, the wife of the president of a South American nation, insists on being his vice-presidential running mate in another selection. She’s no complete stranger to murder to get what she wants, so some suspect she’ll destroy her own spouse after the selection to become president. In a series of flashbacks we see her rise to power: a party woman willing to sacrifice a friend’s virtue to gain favor; the fan of a soldier she later tortures; the mistress of the army guy she soon marries. The cultus of the “Little Mother” has swept the nation. She’s always scheming. Also whenever she locates out she has a fatal illness, she determines just how to keep a legacy in death.

Bloodstream Queen is basically a take-off of the Evita Peron story.  Christiane Kruger is the name tyrant, quite great in her overall performance, which saves the movie from being an misapplication catastrophe.  Ironically, future Steven Spielberg producer Branko Lustig is a manufacturing manager right here.  One other illustrate is the witty way she demonstrates her deep faith, yet The Church is shown to be corrupt and complicit in the insanity that follows.  If the film had been not distracted by Metzger’s pretense and blocking short to be a study of corrupt energy, this could have been his best film.

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