Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun (1971) watch uncut



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Directed by: Jesus Franco
Actors: Susan Hemingway, William Berger, Herbert Fux, Ana Zanatti, Aida Vargas
Language: English
Country: West Germany | Switzerland

Also known as: Die Liebesbriefe einer portugiesischen Nonne, Lettres d’amour d’une nonne portugaise, Cartas de amor a una monja portugesa

Description: One of Jess Franco’s finest films this tells the story of Maria (Susan Hemingway) who is forced to enter into a cloister because Father Victor (William Berger) catches her fooling around with her boyfriend and forces her mother to give her up or the child will be condemned to hell. While in the cloister, Maria is forced to demonstrate her obedience by performing self-demeaning acts and is tortured and beaten….all to the delight of Father Victor and the Mother Superior. She begins to realize that the nuns give themselves to the Devil in unrestrained satanic orgies. In desperation Maria writes a love letter to God and throws it out the window of her cell.

On this subject was shot so many movies that even appeared a special term for the genre – nunsploitation. In short, the girl enters the monastery – is where the fun begins. However, in this case with emphasis on comedy, as usual, but rather in the sado-BDSM. Unlike other similar genre – women’s prison – the nuns did not put up a fight, do not show the tattoos and not pretending brutal birth – torture is carried out with the pious and lean faces.

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