Love Strange Love (1982) watch incest movie

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Directed by: Walter Hugo Khouri
Actors: Vera Fischer, Tarcísio Meira, Xuxa Meneghel, Íris Bruzzi
Language: English
Country: Brazil

Also known as: Amor Estranho Amor, Amor, extraño amor, Erotas stin proti efiveia

Description: Mr. Hugo returns to where he spent his childhood. There are filled with vivid images of his memories. He remembers the house, once served a luxurious brothel, and for a time was the only refuge, he and his mother, who was forced to work there. A little boy, he kept at it, often left alone. Left to itself in that environment, he could not find the adventure, seemingly strange for a child his age.

It was there that his mesmerizing jumble adult life filled with unbridled sex. Prostitutes do not disregard the appearance of their home young Hugo. Tired of society rich starikanov they often go to his room, surrounding Hugo female affection, but the mother of his son jealously guards against excessive interest in him their colleagues. Behind these disturbing memories and returns to these places so young Hugo …

Review: The film may interest many, because of the complicated and filmed sore subject. Hugo boy gets into big beautiful house with a lot of women who engage in simple and clear things, as he soon finds out. Among them was his mother who promises soon to leave with him and live in a separate house. Throughout the picture Hugo spying on girls, looking into their rooms through the ventilation grille. Some ladies themselves frankly trying to seduce him.

Handsome boy, but no actor. The entire film with the same expression. His words remind dialogues children in school short plays in primary schools.

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