Mad Doctor of Blood Island (1968) watch online


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Directed by: Gerardo de Leon, Eddie Romero
Stars:  John Ashley, Angelique Pettyjohn, Ronald Remy
Language: English
Country:  Usa | Philippines | Imdb Info

Also known as: Blood Doctor, Grave Desires, Le médecin dément de l’île de sang, Tomb of the Living Dead

Description: Three people come to Blood Island for their own reasons. The beautiful Young girl is there to find her father. The handsome islander is there to reunite with his mother. The doctor is there to investigate a supposed out break of a new disease. What they find when they get there is a monster on the loose that likes to disembowel and dismember (graphically) his victims.

Sequel to Brides of Blood (and third of the Blood Island films, the first being Terror is a Man which only shares the same location) this is more of the same only up a notch. Its mad doctor on the loose using science to create a monster that runs around killing people. Hooray for crackpot medical degrees.

A Must See, drive-in movie classic.

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